Our ranch is in the highest Texas ranges known as the Highlands of far West Texas on the Mexican border. Also called the Texas trans-Pecos, this is where the Rocky Mountains begin and head north. The family ranches are in between the Davis Mountains on the north and the Sierra Viejas on the south. Nearby Mount Livermore is 8378 feet. Capote Peak on the ranch rises to 6185 feet.

This is big open country more like Montana and Wyoming than the rest of Texas.

On this 115 year-old family ranch, we raise commercial and registered
Hereford cattle..............and only Hereford cattle.


The original rooms of our house were built at the turn of the century. The first resident was an early Texas ranger. Our 'wash' room was his jail and still has bars on the window. The entrance to the ranch called 'Chispa' from the Spanish word for 'spark.' Sparks from the railroad running parallel to the highway used to cause grass fires.

Once in while, we have a newborn calf in the yard who needs extra care.......an event of great interest to the terriers!

We market many of our bulls at a production sale and auction annually held in October.

If you are interested in learning more about our exceptional working Jack Russell Terriers, upcoming litters or stud services, please call or send us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!

High Range Jack Russell Terriers
Kathleen and Beau White
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Rosanky, Texas
78953  USA
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